Happy Fathers Day

God created the heavens and the Earth. He created man and woman in His image. It was by design that He made them, and it was by design He made them for each other. It was by design that they were to multiply. It was by design that their offspring had a mother and a father. We have this design because of the goodness of our Heavenly Father!
This Father’s day is another day of celebration of God’s plan. Fathers offer their representation of the image of God that, in conjunction with the mother, give their children a complete view of the image of God. It is because of fathers that a child has the well rounded arsenal that can equip and instruct. It is because of fathers that a child can see what it looks like to be a man. Fathers show what it means to lay everything down for his family. Fathers show selflessness. Fathers point to the goodness of God. Fathers are a blessing to their family. Father’s day is a day of celebration! We celebrate this Sunday because of the goodness of our Heavenly Father!
Father’s day is so much more. It is also a day of repentance. Some males have turned from their God-given responsibilities, and while they have contributed to the conception of a life, they have shirked fatherhood. Some males have not shown a clear picture of fatherhood, they have shown chauvinistic conquest. They conquered sexually and they continue their quest for dominance by their unwillingness to serve their family. Selfishness rules a male, but that dies with Christ and has no place for fathers. Some males serve as well as they are able, but they refuse to serve Christ. It is only by Christ that they are capable of dying to self, and serving their family in the way God has designed. Some males give their offspring a distorted view of God by their unwillingness to be connected to their Heavenly Father. At some point, all fail because of the one flaw that we cannot fix; humans are imperfect. It is not too late! Jesus has offered a way of escape. Jesus has offered to change us. Jesus has offered us a new life. Father’s day is a day of repentance! We repent because of the goodness of our Heavenly Father!
I am lucky to have a father who has been a good example to me. He has demonstrated over and over what a father looks like. He served and sacrificed for His family. He showed me what being a man is about. He has sought after God. He has given a fine representation of his half of the image of God. This Father’s Day, I acknowledge and honor that my father was more than a male who impregnated my mother; he was a father to me. This Father’s day I celebrate him! This Father’s day I worship my Heavenly Father who has demonstrated love, sacrifice, and servanthood to me. It is because of Him that I have life and a good life to come. It is because of Him that I have my earthly father. It is because of Him, that many who don't have a earthly father still have a Father. This Father’s day, I celebrate Him!
So let’s lift up God’s design! Let’s lift up fatherhood! Let’s lift up our Heavenly Father! Join us at Grace Assembly this Sunday as Pastor Doug tackles what it means to be a father.
Whether you are celebrating, repenting, or worshiping (hopefully all three), have a Happy Father’s Day!
-Pastor Jeff