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What is Mops?

MOPS was designed to help facilitate women getting together during a similar stage of life- the early years of motherhood.  Our group meets every 1st and 3rd Thursday from 6-8pm at Grace Assembly of God.  We have dinner together for both moms and children, childcare, soulcare and small group discussion, and we may even inspire your creative side. (something more than making smiley face pancakes).

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Welcoming to all Women

We've all been placed in this time and place in history, as the tribe of women who are raising the world. And the beauty of it is that we don’t all have to agree with one another but everyone is in and we all need each other.  Our group has been reformatted to meet the needs of all kinds of moms.  This group is not just for the stay-at-home mom.  We want to have a meeting time that allows for homeschool moms who can't meet during the day and moms who work outside the home to come join the discussion too. We all need to take care of ourselves and this is one way to do it.  So if you have a child, newborn-kindergarten, our group is for you!

Honest Conversation

Real talk is liberating. It frees us from assumptions that we are alone in our struggles. We value taking a risk and sharing your story in order to heal someone else from their isolation. 

Relevant Teaching

Really, who needs another tutorial on how to make crepe paper flowers? What we provide is mommy friends who get you, hope-filled insight, and speakers who know we've only had three hours of uninterrupted sleep last night so they better keep it interesting.

Creative Activities

Create, imagine, and actually finish a project. We occasionally like to have something "pinteresty" (Yes, that is a made up word. Work with me here.) to make at our meetings. We all need a little time to indulge in a creative endeavor.


Look, we all love our kids, but let’s be honest: a little break now and then makes us want to be with them even more. We provide a preschool-style experience for your kiddos that they will love going back to. And since we meet in the evenings and you may have older children too, a homework/fun group that meets too. Dinner is provided for the kids too!